Review: Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner

I know, this isn’t anything new or gimmicky! In fact, rosewater has been used on the skin for hundreds and hundreds of years. This toner by Boots brand Botanics is one of the modern incarnations of the classic, made with gorgeous damask roses, and is certified organic. This is what it looks like:

Bottle of clear toner

image from


That bottle is 150ml, which is (in my opinion) worth the £4.07 it costs. However, the other toners in the Botanics line cost the same amount but come in 250ml bottles. Now I get that damask rose is not a cheap ingredient to use, but I use this stuff every day and I get through it pretty quickly. I would much prefer it if they also sold it in the bigger bottles, and priced it at the £6.70 or so it would be. But that’s a minor gripe – now down to the actual stuff in the bottle!

As you may have gathered, I really do like this toner. I frequently suffer from VERY annoying redness of my skin, mainly across the centre of my face, tops of cheeks etc. This is only made worse by the natural amount of rubbing that I have to do while cleansing! However, this toner makes a noticeable difference to the amount of time it takes for the redness to go away – it really calms it down quickly. This was the first thing I loved about it – but there’s more!

Next, I noticed that my skin didn’t feel tight or dry about 5/10 minutes later. My skin’s not dry, but depending on my cleanser it can feel a little tight after cleansing. This toner made it totally unnecessary for me to moisturise that night; there wasn’t any residue on my skin, but it just felt…comfortable. Obviously, I do still use a night cream often. But if my skin’s having a bit of a strop, and going oily, I can just use this and know that there’s enough moisturisation in it to keep my skin calm without overloading it.

I never used to use toner, as I didn’t really see the point. But I’m quite enthusiastic about this one! It’s made of good things, and I’ve personally found it much better than high-end ones I’ve tried, such as Lancôme’s. Recommended!

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