On a Happier Note: Lily Cole

If I must be ginger (see previous post!), at least for a while, I think it is only fair and proper that I get to be ginger and look like this lady while I’m at it.

Lily Cole in a blue dress

image from dailymail.co.uk

I mean, really now. It’s not enough that she has those absolutely cracking legs (I know she kind of has to, she is a model after all, but still!)
And if I’m being ginger for a while, I might want to look extremely sophisticated and stuff. I think I should be allowed to do it like this:

Lily Cole

image from graziadaily.co.uk

And maybe I could look this good with barely-there makeup, and manage to look innocent and cute, and not nuts or silly, while wearing some sort of suspicious flowery thing on my head? Yeah? Thanks, that’ll be great.

Lily Cole with a flower hairpiece

image from weheartit.com

Gingers unite! (Until I get my hair dyed, then you can all sod off with your beautiful fiery hair.)
I love Lily Cole, and I’m only slightly annoyed that she’s also massively clever and at a better university than me.

3 Comments to “On a Happier Note: Lily Cole”

  1. what skintone are you? it will let you know what red to pull off… Deep reds to bright ginger are best on warm and strawberry blonde on cool. I want to find one thing lily cole can’t do that I can and it will make me feel a whole lot better!! lol.

  2. ahh your not a wuss! at least you know your natural colour will suit you!!

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