Review: Max Factor Max Effect Lip Gloss

Tube of dark pink gloss

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So, firstly, I haven’t posted in a little while. This is for two reasons – I haven’t been at home, I’ve been at my boyfriend’s, and I was there because I had a terrible (but quite funny, looking back) accident with some hair dye and I needed to hide. Don’t worry, I’ll be going into THAT whole shebang later.

Anyway, lip gloss! When I bought this little gem, there weren’t half as many colours in it as there are now. In fact, there were only four. I am very pale, but I have naturally quite pigmented lips and dark hair, so darker, purplier (it’s a word, I promise) colours look better on me as a rule than lighter ones. I so wish I could wear pretty light pinks, but they just look weird on me. So I bought 06 – Cloudy Red. I could already tell it’d be a good colour – but I didn’t realise exactly how much I’d come to love it!

This lip gloss really goes a long way, for a start. You don’t need too much, and I always have to squeeze a bit out onto my finger rather than use the slanted-attempt-at-an-applicator-tip to apply it, because otherwise I just get way too much. It has a very sweet, quite distinctive smell/taste, which I personally love though others may find it a bit too strong. Each colour has a different taste, though, so be sure to sniff before you buy! That may be a bit gimmicky, but I’m a sucker for such things, I’m afraid…

Once it’s on your face, you’ll notice that it’s very slippery and creamy in texture. It doesn’t go tacky; it’s one of those glosses that always feels wet. While this gives a lovely high shine, of course, it does mean that if it’s windy your hair will be stuck to your mouth in no time! But then, that goes for all gloss up to a point – it’s an occupational hazard of having beautiful lips…
My only gripe about this product is that when it fades or wears off, I don’t particularly like the effect that’s left. Some colour/shine does stay on, even after drinking a takeaway coffee, as I found! But I don’t particularly like the texture of colour that’s left on my lips – it looks a little flat and smudgy. However, I’m obviously not expecting it to be all that longlasting, so it’s not a huge minus for me.

The perfect colour and lovely look of this gloss mean that it’s quickly become my most trusted favourite. As it’s quite nude on me, I’m definitely considering going and buying the fabulous bright orange one that I spy on the Max Factor website! I have such a thing for orange, and I already know it’ll be a good quality gloss. I highly recommend this lip gloss; it’ll last you ages, as you get 13ml for £4.99, and now there are loads of different colours and scents to choose from, I’m sure there’s one for everyone!

One Comment to “Review: Max Factor Max Effect Lip Gloss”

  1. how much do u need to put on to get the colour without it feeling sticky an tackey

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