Review: RUSH salon & I’ve sorted out my hair

Thanks to my scary, traumatic experience with hair colour remover (read about that whole mess here) I had a bit of hair-sorting-out to do. I decided to do it at my local RUSH salon, as they have a Wednesday deal thing that I decided to take advantage of. (Read about that at their website, here.)

My hair had naturally toned down a lot from it’s orangey ginger that the colour remover had left it, but it was still way too “warm” (how tactful hairdressers are!) for my liking, so I was told that a very flat brown semi-permanent dye would be best for me, in the free consultation that I had with my stylist when I just walked in to make my appointment. It was nice that I knew exactly what she was going to do, 2 days before she actually did it.

When I turned up yesterday for my appointment, everything was running on time and I was immediately sat in a chair and told, again, exactly what they were going to do. (I was also offered a drink, which is always very nice. I never quite get over the nice surprise of being offered tea; simple pleasures!) Without any messing around, the dye was whacked on and I was left to read the paper for 15 minutes while it got to work. My stylist was very friendly, but not in the frequently irritating hairdresser way that seems so fake; she was genuinely up for a chat, which was nice. One annoying thing was that during this process, I had to move seats 3 times; once because the lights were all malfunctioning on one half of the room, and a bloke was coming to fix them (he ended up having lights dangling from the ceiling, which did look a bit unprofessional) and another time because someone else needed my chair more than I did while my colour was working away on my hair. In fairness, this second one wouldn’t have happened without the first one causing a lack of seats! My stylist and I then had to swoop down on someone else’s chair, almost before they got out of it properly, in order to make sure we could continue. Funny, but not all that professional. Still, it wasn’t their fault.

My hair colour actually turned out a bit too dark for my natural colour, but that wasn’t my stylist’s fault; I was worried that they would make it too light, so I did say that I’d rather it was too dark than too fair, and they were trying to even it out so that no stray “warmth” would still be hanging around my roots. Also, it’s semi-permanent dye, so it’ll fade up. I actually quite like it – I always wondered what I’d look like with darker hair, and now I know.

I got a cut too, in the offer thing; nothing too drastic, just a trim of the ends and cutting down in a V shape at the back, which I really like. I also got my longish side fringe cut back in for fun – it’s almost beret-wearing weather, and they always look cuter with a fringe. (I have an entire drawer full of scarves and berets!) However, I trimmed my fringe myself when I got back; she’d left it slightly too long for my liking, though it did look nice.

The most important thing to me was to dye out the ginger in my hair – RUSH did that perfectly fine. My cut was nothing spectacular – I’ve asked for the same before, and got something much nicer elsewhere – but there’s nothing wrong with it, the stylist was quick and it does look nice. However, I’m not entirely sure that I would get a cut there again, simply because it wasn’t really worth the price. The entire job cost me £70, which is pretty expensive for an experience which is ‘perfectly fine’ rather than ‘great’. I might go back to the same stylist for a re-dye though, because it was quick and worry free.

3 Comments to “Review: RUSH salon & I’ve sorted out my hair”

  1. you’ve disappeared 😦

  2. I haven’t entirely – but I haven’t been up to posting, for a variety of reasons. Thanks for reminding me though; I should post about not posting! ha 🙂

  3. ah good! it would be a shame if you stopped blogging 🙂

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