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October 30, 2011

Dead Blog Syndrome – but also, Soap & Glory!

So I haven’t posted in a while. A LONG while. I feel slightly like I’m writing an apology email to a professor for not having gone to a lecture…but I DO have a good reason, honest!

Firstly, I’ve been massively ill for ages. Nothing too serious, just various illnesses that all seemed to overlap each other. I had food poisoning, then I got a sort of flu thing that’s left me with a really irritating cough that I still haven’t managed to kick.

Secondly, I’ve been having a fairly stressful time of it with my boyfriend; there have been several things going on with us – which meant that often, when I’m sitting around and I would otherwise be writing about beauty products, I haven’t really been able to because I’ve been trying to deal with that stuff.

I’m a lot better now, I just have a cough that makes me sound like an old man at a bus stop, and I’ve sorted things with my boyfriend, as much as possible. Basically, one of the issues we had/have is that he’s applying to join the armed forces, and so obviously that needs a lot of talking and working things out. But it’s all good at the moment. 🙂

It was my birthday on the 21st, and one of the presents I received was a “Soaper Heroes” giftbox, by Soap and Glory. I’ve never owned more than one or two of their products before, although of course I see them everywhere, and I’m totally in love! The set contains 5 travel-size products: Clean On Me, a shower gel; Flake Away, a body scrub; The Righteous Butter, obviously a body butter; Hair Supply, a hair mask; and Girligo, a moisturising body spray, which I find a really nice idea. These all smell completely and utterly divine, and I want to use them ALL THE TIME just for this fact.

Gift box with Soap & Glory products.

image from

I haven’t tried them all out, so I’ll probably review each product individually. However, I have tried the body mist a couple of times, so:

I love the Girligo spray – it does feel moisturising, but doesn’t sit on the skin irritatingly. It smells amazing at first – I do have a slight gripe in that I covered myself in it before going to my boyfriend’s house, and during my hot sticky journey on the Tube the smell changed a bit – I know it’s cheap scent, but I didn’t love it. It didn’t smell bad or anything – just different, because I’d been wearing it for a while and getting hot, I guess. I’d still consider buying the full-size, though I might try it for a few more days and seeing if it’s a regular thing, or only in unusual situations that it does it.

Reviews of other products to follow – rather sooner than this delayed post! Thank you The Rebecca Elliston for nudging me into posting my apology!

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