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November 12, 2011

Review: Accessorize Baked Eyeshadows

Ok, so this is a little late, I know! Everyone already knows that Accessorize eyeshadows are the bomb. But I thought I should take a flying leap onto the bandwaggon anyway. Also, in my defence, my Superdrug have only just started stocking this line! Shocking, I know.

I bought two eyeshadows for myself, and one for a friend – though I was sorely tempted to keep it all for myself and just buy her some chocolates…
I have the trio “The Good and the Bad”, which I would show you below if I could find a picture of it – but I have scoured the internet and literally can’t find any! It is a beautiful trio, in stripe form rather than thirds of the circle, in the solid-feeling butterfly packaging. It has a dark shimmer brown on the left, a lovely dusky pink in the middle (the reason I bought it!) and another dark brown on the right, but this one has a shimmery green undertone which is really gorgeous and unusual. Using the pink all over my lid with the plainer brown in the crease creates a totally lovely, soft, autumnal warm look that is quickly becoming a go-to for me!

The other shadow I bought was a merged one, that looks fairly plain in the pan but is stunning when swatched! It’s called Moon Dust, and there’s a photo below (weirdly, this one was a piece of cake to find!):

Accessorize Moon Dust eyeshadow

image from

As you can see, it’s a silvery shimmer with dark brown marbled through it. This results in a pale bronzey colour which is very unique and I love it!

There is only one downside to these shadows – FALLOUT. There is a huge amount of shimmery glittery goodness going on, which is lovely, but only if you have cotton buds to hand! In spite of their slightly messy nature though, they do last very well and I have not yet experienced any untoward creasing, even without any sort of primer.
I have to try some of the new season’s stock! 😀

November 12, 2011

Review: Rimmel Volumeflash Scandaleyes Mascara

Orange tube of mascara

image from

Hello again! I am actually back now – not that anyone will have much noticed, I suppose, but still! 🙂 I’ll get straight into my review:

Right, so I have never actually owned a Rimmel mascara before – I’ve used the one with lash serum stuff in it before, but it wasn’t mine and I didn’t use it on a regular basis, so I can’t really compare this to previous Rimmel offerings. (Don’t try this at home, kids! I shared mascara only in a seriously desperate situation…it’s unhygenic!) However, I can compare it with my previous mascara, which was my beloved Maxfactor False Lash Effect – mysteriously, it went missing a while ago, hence me rushing to Superdrug and buying this orange beauty. I suspect my boyfriend of knocking it into the bin by accident.
ANYWAY. The brush is probably the same size, ish, as the Maxfactor one – by which I mean it is absolutely huge! However, this one feels a whole lot bigger because it is traditional fibre brush, unlike the plastic spikes brush of the Maxfactor product. It honestly is gigantic, even for me – and I love huge mascara brushes, as a rule. A great YouTuber that I subscribe to (Sirvinya) once described a product as feeling like you’re trying to use a bumble bee to apply mascara, which I thought was hilarious. I didn’t think I’d ever feel the same, though, until I tried this! It is just too big, and when I’m in a hurry it ends up all over my face, which is just so annoying. And bottom lashes – just forget it.

This is also one of those mascaras that I just find too wet. The formula does hold a curl well, but your lovely curled lashes only number about 3, because they’ve all clumped together to form one big spiky (though curled!) lash! OK, I’m exaggerating slightly, but seriously, they all stick together. I’m considering buying another mascara, so I can leave this one for a couple of weeks and see if it’s any better when it’s dried out a tad. A similar product with this problem is Maybelline’s The Falsies – everyone seemed to love it apart from me; I ended up with mascara all over my face and 3 lashes per eye!

Other than that, there are a couple of good points – it does hold a curl, I find, and it is still definitely there after quite a few hours’ wear. No flakiness or anything (not that I would expect there to be, with a brand new product). So all in all, it’s simply an average to slightly poor mascara – you get what you pay for, I suppose! Sorry Rimmel, I won’t be buying this again, in spite of the massively exciting orange packaging!


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