I Want To Look Like Audrey Tautou

My slightly-creepy girlcrush of the month is Audrey Tautou. (I exaggerate; I don’t really have a creepy crush. Well, not that creepy.) But can you really blame me? She looks quirky enough to be instantly recognisable, and to pull off such eccentric roles as Amélie with a slight raise of the eyebrow, yet also conventionally beautiful enough to be the face of Chanel No. 5. She has that incredibly irritating French quality of seeming to be totally unconscious of her own chic, or at least, to not have thought too hard about it before stepping out of her front door.

Firstly, I know it’s a Chanel advert, but could anyone else pull off this robe quite so effortlessly? While in a vintage train carriage?

The actress leaning out of a train window in a robe.

image from stylelist.com

Or, indeed, these enormous trousers? I would look like Nelly the Elephant having just escaped from the circus in these. *shakes fist*

The actress in the hall of a hotel.

image from clothesonfilm.com

I suppose I should talk about her makeup too – she tends to go with fairly natural looks, and as her bone structure is so good, I don’t blame her. Although she looks beautiful all the time, with her totally understated vibe, I stumbled across this picture and thought it would be a good look to investigate for myself, so here you go. Audrey on the red carpet:

The actress in a white dress.

image from theage.com

The foundation Audrey is wearing here is clearly very natural and gives her skin a beautiful radiance; she doesn’t need much coverage, so it wouldn’t be anything too heavy, and there’s certainly no cloggy face powder stuck all over it ruining the effect! If I were to attempt something similar, I’d go with NARS Sheer Glow.
Though it’s difficult to see her eye makeup, it’s fairly clear that it’s incredibly subtle and natural. As her brows are always perfectly shaped – almost a trademark with her – they frame her eyes so well that no impact is lost at all, and her eyes themselves are fairly large and pretty; they’ll draw attention all by themselves. Defining brows with a touch of lighter-than-your-hair eyeshadow, some neutral eyeshadow all over the lid (from what I have, I’d go with MAC Patina) and lots of black mascara should do the trick, though tightlining your eyes on the upper waterline ONLY would add a little more definition if you can’t do without eyeliner.
She has a beautiful, though still very subtle, blush – from the radiance of her skin, almost certainly a cream blush applied very sparingly. The apples of her cheeks are another naturally lovely feature of hers; those dimples mean that her smile transforms her face, and the blush adds to the overall prettiness that’s already there! For this effect, I would actually use Benefit’s Posy Tint – liquid blush is even more natural still than a cream, and I love the Benefit tints.
Finally, the most noticeable makeup is her lipstick, which is why I left it until last. (That’s not a great reason, is it? I just did, I don’t know why!) It’s a fairly natural shade, just a bit pinker than her actual lips, and the real impact is made by the gloss over the top. The fact that she looks red-carpet-worthy, when the most daring makeup she’s wearing is a pretty natural lipstick, makes me just a tiny bit jealous. Just a little. It’s fine. I’m fine. Ignore me. The lipcolour looks to me (and this is just a hunch) quite similar to the Estee Lauder ‘Pure Colour Sensuous Rouge’ lip colour in Peach Pleasure. It’s not a completely perfect match, but I’m writing this fairly quickly – sorry! These lipsticks have special centres with moisturising ingredients in; it’s all very exciting.

So, that’s a quick breakdown of how I’d try to recreate the understated glamour of Audrey Tautou on the red carpet! She is one of my favourite actresses, and I know that lightning-fast attempt didn’t do her justice, but I wanted to give it a shot! 🙂


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