Review: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

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Hmm, this image has turned out a bit off-centre and funny. Sorry about that! Anyway, this cleanser was mentioned by someone (I can’t remember who) on YouTube quite a while back now, and I was having a hellish time of it with my skin (the stress of exam season!) so I thought I’d be better off using something that it’d be basically impossible to have problems with.

At first, I wasn’t a major fan of the texture of this cleanser. It seems creamy, though it’s more of a thick gel; pretty hard to describe, actually. It says you can use it without water, but I’m not into doing that anyway – certainly not with something like this, where it seems to leave a film on the skin if you don’t wash your face too thoroughly afterwards. I usually double-cleanse my skin gently; once to take off makeup, with this stuff, and then once with a different cleanser to actually cleanse or treat the skin. So I basically use this as a makeup remover.
I like to use it this way because it won’t hurt my eyes, and I can use my fingers to rub it over the lids etc. and then use my flannel to wash it off – doing it this way not only means I don’t end up scrubbing at my eyes, as it all comes off easily, but it also saves loads of money in eye makeup remover and cotton wool! Yay!

Basically, I now love this stuff, and I’m about to buy another bottle of it. I use it almost every day to take off all my makeup easily and gently, and I don’t have to worry that it’ll ever irritate my eyes or skin. Definite holy grail product! (Oh yes, I said it!)

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