Storytime – Deodorant Awkwardness

It’s pretty late, and I’m still awake and a little bored, so I am writing about the first thing that comes to mind – weirdly enough, this is my deodorant. Don’t ask.

Anyway, the reason I thought of it was that I had a job interview yesterday and in the morning I started freaking out because I remembered – I bought my deodorant, a brand I haven’t used before, in Poundland because I am classy like that. Nothing wrong with that – except that it had been put in the wrong section, and I didn’t recognise the packaging, and basically I bought gent’s deodorant and I smell like a big ol’ man. A fairly fragrant man, but still. Didn’t really want the interviewer to think I’d either a) had a one-night stand the night before or b) was stupid enough to buy men’s deodorant…

So I was running around my flat wearing half a suit and half a towel, with no makeup on and begging my flatmate for some Dove.

I just thought I’d tell you that. It’s very late; my judgement is impaired! The moral of the story is, if your deodorant can is blue, don’t assume it’s just ‘fresh’. It might be fresh and testosterone-y.

One Comment to “Storytime – Deodorant Awkwardness”

  1. YUP YUP done that before! Except with shampoo and had to give it away to my boyfriend… tut

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