Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #362 – Cinnamon Bronze

So this isn’t exactly a review – I love this lipstick, great staying power, nice formula – enough said, right? I just wanted to say how much I love the colour of this particular lippy, especially right now in winter. I’m really sorry I don’t have an actual swatch for this. I still utterly fail on the camera front because I moved house since I last saw my battery charger, and…yeah. Never seen again. I need to buy a new one on eBay or something, that might be a plan, no?!

Until then, here’s the lipstick in this particular shade, which is Cinnamon Bronze:

A tube of red lipstick

image from

As you can (hopefully!) see, this is a beautiful warm, almost orangey red colour, but not too in-your-face brick red. The winter is a great time to play around with red lips, I think – before Christmas, of course it looks festive, and after – well, it still looks kind of winter-fashion-y, and can brighten up your face when the weather is dull and depressing! This colour looks pretty sophisticated and grownup; I think my mother had one like it when I was young, which might be why I like it so much!

However, I’m not a fan of the lipliner-to-heck look, especially not with a red. Of course, if you’re going somewhere very formal, you want to look polished and perfect, but for everyday I feel that red needs to look a little more casual than that. That’s why I love this slightly more natural shade; it’s still striking if you wear it strongly, but you can also play it down.

What I love to do with this – and another comparable lipstick, which I’ll also be posting about – is to warm up the lipstick on my ring finger, and then pat it on my lips gently like that. It’s still certainly possibly to build up the colour this way, but I like to add a little more to the centre of my lips and a little less on the outer edges, to make it look more natural and casual. I tend to always pat the colour on, rather than ever rubbing it in, though that’s just my method. I find that doing it this way seems to really help it stain the lips, too, meaning that even as it wears off it’ll still look pretty. Often I’ll have applied a tiny bit of lipbalm first; not enough to interfere with the lipstick application, but enough to protect my lips in the wintry weather!

I usually do this either with a thin flick of black eyeliner, or my secret combination of Guerlain rose/gold eyeshadow and just tightline my eyes. (It’s not really a secret – it’s just that the eyeshadows may be discontinued now! I have a gorgeous little Guerlain palette from a few years ago.) I maintain that even if your red lipstick is natural, it’s still a good idea to go easy on the rest of the makeup. I might not wear blusher at all as I’m so pale; I think it looks more striking without on my white white face. If I were to stick some on, it’d probably be a bit of Georgia by Benefit. It’s very subtle and peachy so it won’t clash.

So, there you are! Just wanted to spread the word about this lipstick shade – I really think it’d suit most skintones, and it’s really versatile. Yay for red lips!

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