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February 24, 2012

Spring Scent: CK IN2U her

Just a quick late-night post to say that a perfume I got for Christmas, CK IN2U her, has rapidly become one of my favourites and it’s my spring perfume of choice! It doesn’t feel very spring-like here in London yet, but wearing a lovely scent can always pick up my mood a little bit, even in the depths of February! Actually, in winter I always wear a scarf, so putting on a little bit of perfume just below my ears will make my scarf smell good too. It’s the small things that can make a difference to my day…


February 24, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

image from, obviously!

Hooray! I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the wonderful Rebecca Elliston! Considering the short time I’ve actually had this blog, I’d never expect someone to nominate me – thank you very very much ^_^ this properly made my day!

I am going to nominate 7 blogs/bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, in no particular order:


into mind

laced in leather

Fast Food and Fast Fashion

Terri’s Kitchen

Loving Apartments Blog

The Hobo-Tect

More information on the Versatile Blogger Award can be found with the helpful people at

OK, so the next thing I have to do is give 7 pieces of random information about myself! (This is apparently for my nominator’s benefit, but I’m not sure she’s going to be that interested..!)

1. I can read Latin and Ancient Greek.
2. I have fairy lights around my mirror because I refuse to grow out of my 14-year-old idea that it’s cool and individual.
3. I will spend half an hour perfecting my makeup in the morning but I often can’t be bothered to paint my nails.
4. I compose music for fun.
5. I’ve only just allowed myself to wear tracksuit bottoms during the day as a viable item of clothing. I still won’t wear them outside.
6. I secretly want to chop all my hair off and have it short, but I just don’t have the courage.
7. I drink altogether too much tea. I currently have 8 different kinds in my kitchen.

So now I’m off to comment on those blogs I mentioned! Thank you again to Rebecca, and to those people that read my blog ^_^

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