Anybody want some tinted moisturiser?

I have the Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream and the Stila Oil Free Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30, both of which are the wrong colour for me. The Nivea only comes in one colour, which seems very dark to me but is probably not that dark to someone who doesn’t glow in the dark like I do – it blends pretty well, and is decidedly warm-toned. The Stila is shade “light 03”, which is just a touch too dark for me, but is still pretty fair, and lighter than the Nivea one.

The Nivea has a really lovely finish to it on the skin, and smells gorgeous (I like the Nivea scent – that’s what it is). The Stila is a bit less matte and has no scent at all. Both are 50ml; the Nivea one has been used once, plus tiny blobs taken for colour testing. The Stila one has not even been used once – it’s just had a tiny bit taken out for colour testing too.

If anyone wants either of these,  just comment on this post. If more than one person asks, I’ll pick one at random. If no-one bagsies them, I’ll probably give them to friends; they’re not really worth selling on eBay. If no-one wants them though, they might get chucked out – so speak now! 🙂

That’s it really! Drop me a comment if you fancy some free tinted moisturiser! 😀

5 Comments to “Anybody want some tinted moisturiser?”

  1. Ditch the TM’s and go for a BB!

    • I have one ordered now, it’s coming soon…Skinfood Peach Sake, I’m optimistic! See, I’m taking your advice 😉
      Please tell me that’s not a terrible choice haha!

      • Actually I have never tried Skinfood’s BB creams because they had so many it made my head spin just thinking about reading them all and choosing between them. Do let me know how you like it though, I’ve seen it a lot! I’m posting up my own BB creams soon (when I have time – *sigh*).

  2. i’ll try the stila!

    • Oh I’m sorry, but one of my friends said they wanted it – I meant to comment here saying that they weren’t available any more, but I’ve been away.
      Sorry again! 🙂

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