Review: Garnier BB Cream

So I lied, I didn’t post as soon as I said. Sorry! In my defence, I had a job interview to prepare for – it’s all done, as of this morning, so here I am! *puff of smoke, jazz hands, etc.*

The first thing I’ll talk about is the Garnier BB Cream, I know a lot of people have been talking about it recently as it was among the first of the UK/chemist brands to jump on the BB bandwagon. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about this product, but I’m actually quite impressed, given that it’s relatively affordable and manages to come in a shade that’s more or less similar to the colour of my face! (This is rarer than you might think!)

Aside from the “light” shade actually being wearable for me, I really love the smell of this product (though for those who dislike/are allergic to scented products, you might want to steer clear). I just think that having a nice light scent can really enhance the enjoyment factor in using a product and makes me feel that it’s good quality – totally all in my mind, I know, but still!
Coverage-wise, it’s not at all bad; it probably has more coverage than the lightest foundations that I own. This is a plus, but it does come at a slight price. I do find that I can feel this stuff on my face; nothing major, certainly not like having a full face of high-coverage foundation + powder, but it’s not the unnoticeable light dream I was hoping for! It may be due to the fact that Garnier are trying to cater to many different skin types with this cream, and so what is perfect for someone else is a little oily on my face. I just don’t feel that it fulfils the “moisture” part of the BB cream promise for me; rather than moisturising, it sits on my skin in a layer like a light foundation. The finish is nice though, especially when first applied, so I’m not complaining too hugely about it.

The wear time is not amazing, partly because of my personal experience of it being slightly too oily – it has a tendency to rub off quickly. (Not visibly or onto anything – it just doesn’t stay.) Basically this stuff is lovely if you want a natural, nearly makeup free day, but if you’re going to be out all day at work with no chance to touch up your makeup I’d reconsider. However, someone whose skin suited the product more may not have such issues.

I’m still glad I got it, and I will continue to use it, but it’s not going to become a staple. 3*!

6 Comments to “Review: Garnier BB Cream”

  1. I bought the No 7 bb cream last week and I quite like it! Although even though it is for normal/oily skin it still makes my skin feel oily so still have to use powder. I’m never too use whether I still should use my moisturiser before it as it feels wrong?! Anyway like you I like it but it’s prob something I’ll use a couple of times a week! x

    • Ah right I haven’t tried the No. 7 one, I’ve heard terrible things about it so steered well clear haha! Glad it works out (ish) for you – I have just got a more ‘authentic’ Asian BB cream though and it’s fantastic, so I’m pretty happy with that right now. It’s the Skin Food Peach Sake, it smells amazing and has epic coverage 🙂 x

  2. Are you going to use your moisturiser underneath too?

    I think I am going to have to in the cold weather but don’t want to get too oily?

    I have the No7 one too, it’s pretty good. I have only used it once but it goes on so nice and I loved the look of the dewy finish x

    • Yeah, I do still use a moisturiser underneath – I just use a light one, and leave it for a good 5 minutes before applying BB cream so that it doesn’t interfere with application/finish etc. Definitely worth it in winter, and I always carry face powder around religiously anyway so it’s not too tragic if I get a little shiny!
      🙂 x

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