Imminent Haul! If Royal Mail Hurry Up

I’m really overexcited waiting for the post everyday at the moment – I’ve been spending altogether too much money online on pretty things, and now I have to wait for them to come!

I went to a site called All Cosmetics Wholesale ( which was blogged about by the wonderful Bliss No. 9 (links to the post) and got several amazing things for a very low price. A couple of them were actually the same as the ones she got – it was mainly accidental, but they really were good deals!

I also went on eBay and bought several eyeshadows, as I recently got a couple of Revlon palettes that were truly awful but I loved the colours and so went looking for similar ones. I’ll mention all these things as they arrive/as I have time to try them all out!

Yay, new things! Unfortunately I’m now slightly more broke than before. Never mind, retail therapy!



3 Comments to “Imminent Haul! If Royal Mail Hurry Up”

  1. I’m right there with ya, waiting on my MyGlam bag and a box from Ulta. I need to cut myself off !

  2. I’m definitely waiting to see what you picked up!

  3. I was thinking about ordering from All Cosmetics Wholesale as well, which I had read about from another blogger. But I wasn’t sure as to its credibility with USPS, and the FedEx options were so expensive! I tried emailing them but never received a response. Which shipping option did you choose? I can’t wait to hear about it when you get it!

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