I Kind Of Want Some Lip Tattoos…

…temporary ones, of course!

I can’t deny that I used to be a bit of a goth kid when I was younger, and I still have a special place in my heart for slightly too much black eyeliner and slightly-too-loud metal music. So I definitely wouldn’t mind combining the two on a night out, going the whole way and wearing some of these scary lip tattoos from the brand Violent Lips!

These are amazing.

image from hqhair.com

And these.

image from hqhair.com

These last ones might be a bit far even for me, but I love them all the same!

image from hqhair.com

For Halloween or something these are ace! Would any of you dare to go this bright?


4 Comments to “I Kind Of Want Some Lip Tattoos…”

  1. like the pink sparkly one 🙂

  2. I love lip tattoos but not for every days of course! I had one last week for a party in Miami and everyone was so surprised and asked me for some advices. Next time i will send them on your blog 😉

  3. I cannot get these to fit the shape of my lip, they never sit into the corners properly. I bought cheap ones from ebay to practice with and after 6 attempts I’ve given up.

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