Review: Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Treatment

Display box and white tube of eye cream

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I picked this up from Boots (at £5.99 for 15ml) when I finally ran out of my Clinique eye cream and wanted something more substantial than my Boots gel or Garnier roll-on. I love the tube design; not only is it more hygienic than a pot, but it has a nozzle so I can squeeze out a thin line directly onto my skin and pat it in. I also like the idea of using more natural ingredients, especially on more delicate skin around my eyes, and this cream is free from most nasties such as parabens. There’s a very faint scent to it, it smells quite natural and fresh – but I wouldn’t worry, as it’s only noticeable on my hands and not once applied at all.

That said, I’m not entirely convinced of the actual benefits of this cream. It does reduce puffiness, not that I have a huge problem with that, and it does also moisturise my eye area as well as I’d expect. But it doesn’t do anything at all for my dark circles, and it isn’t as moisturising as the Clinique All About Eyes that I had before. I’d like to combine the action of the Clinique cream with the packaging and good ingredients of this one!

All in all, I’ll be using up this cream but I probably won’t repurchase it. I’d rather save up for something a bit more expensive that will work harder for me. 2 stars!


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