Oh My Gosh It’s Summer And My Legs Look Like This

…yeah, no, there’s no way I’m putting up a picture of my legs! But figuratively speaking, my legs look like *this*. Ie., awful. Last week it felt like the depths of winter and there was absolutely no motivation to start preparing for summer, and then BAM. Sunburn and shorts all round.

I’ve always had a thing about my legs; I just don’t like them. They could be as slender as you like and I’d probably still worry that someone was looking at me and thinking “ooh, she should NOT be allowed out in shorts”. Some of this is down to my mother’s eager encouragement of ballet when I was a little girl, and my own eager cycling habits; my calves are irretrievably muscular. Anyway, the point is, if I want to wear shorts without feeling self-conscious I have to work HARD. So this is what I do!

For four weeks, I follow this set of exercises for my legs. This is basically the only thing I’ve ever done where I’ve been able to see visible and encouraging results from exercise, so I know it works (at least for me – don’t sue me!) – it’s just a combination of squats and heel raises:

1. 20 squats with my legs about hip-width apart.
2. 20 heel raises, as above.
3. 20 squats with my legs close together.
4. 20 heel raises with my toes turned inwards about 45 degrees in order to work the outside of the calves.
5. 30 squats with my legs as wide apart as is comfortable and sensible(!) – this works the inside of the thigh.
6. 30 heel lifts with my toes turned out as far as is comfortable (in ballet this would be 1st position).
7. 20 squats with legs hip-width apart as #1.
8. 20 heel raises as #1/2.

This only takes a couple of minutes to go through and, if I do it every day, does significantly improve how my legs look and feel. Obviously, if anyone feels like trying this or something similar, don’t hurt yourself, don’t do anything that feels weird, and don’t blame me – goodness knows I don’t know what I’m talking about. There, disclaimer disclaimer’d.

The reason I do 30 of a couple of them is because they are the most effective (I feel) and so I want to get the most out of them.

I also try and run as much as I can, but when it’s this hot it’s hard..!

All this plus some Garnier body lotion with self-tanner stuff in means I actually managed to leave the house today in something shorter than knee length! Hooray for summery weather!

What do you guys do to prepare for summer? Or are you all perfect all year round? 😛


One Comment to “Oh My Gosh It’s Summer And My Legs Look Like This”

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