Vichy Cleanser Love!

White/blue tube of cleanser

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This cleanser costs £11 from Boots, and at first you might, like me, think that’s pretty steep for something that’s basically just taking off your makeup and is on your skin for under a minute. But I was after a cream cleanser, and I like Vichy, and…it just happened. Later that evening when I used it, I was SO happy that it did!

It’s a light creamy cleanser which smells gorgeous but not overpowering. It takes off my makeup extremely easily (though I don’t wear waterproof mascara so I don’t know how it’d work on that – I guess it’d do well). It says on the tube that it cleanses, takes off makeup and tones the skin; I don’t know exactly what that means, as I have no idea what it’d feel like without the ‘toning’ part! Still, my skin feels wonderfully comfortable and soft when I’ve just used this, so maybe there’s something in it!

My skin seems to love this cleanser, to the extent that if I go away and don’t take it with me, my skin ‘misses’ it after a day or so. Nothing hugely noticeable, but when I get back and use it again, I can definitely feel the improvement immediately! I haven’t touched any of my other cleansers for ages now, and I have no real reason to – definitely repurchasing this baby when I run out (not that I will for a while, with 200ml in the tube)!

Total 5 star hit! Recommended.

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