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April 18, 2012

Review: Maxfactor False Lash Effect 24 Hour

Without any intro whatsoever, I can tell you that Maxfactor have just broken my heart.

Maxfactor’s False Lash Effect original mascara is my favourite of all time, Holy Grail, whatever you want to say. I mean, I LOVE that stuff. Knowing that no matter what kind of rubbish mascara I test out, there’s always the Maxfactor to return to, and that it’ll always be exactly what I want, is really comforting! (OK, I may be slightly too emotionally attached..!) If the unthinkable happens, and it’s out of stock, I’ll just buy the Masterpiece Max – it’s almost as good.

I just spent £11.99 on this new formula and it really hurts me that I did so. I was excited about it, thinking that it could only be an improvement on my favourite, and so happily started applying it, humming a little tune as I did so. (I’m actually not making that up for effect, I hum all the time.) But then I was confused. I’d just applied some, and my lashes looked…worse. Worse than purely natural. Oh well, I must just need to wiggle it more…But nope, still nothing. In fact, my lashes were clumping together – something that I thought would be impossible with the False Lash Effect brush – and there was no volume, no length, no curl, no nothing.

It doesn’t do anything. At all. Just to check that I wasn’t going mad, I applied my Revlon 3D Extreme to my other eye – and bam, perfect lashes. By comparison, my Maxfactor eye looked like the efforts of a 13-year-old who’s nicking her mum’s old dried out Maybelline. (That’s meant to be an insult, I hate Maybelline.) Awful!

I’m going to keep trying; I refuse to give up in one go on something that should be amazing. I’ll use it tomorrow, I’ll pump it like crazy to dry out the very wet formula, I’ll try my best to make it work. But I have to say: Maxfactor have deeply disappointed me with this, and I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to forgive them.

1.5 stars, because it hasn’t fallen off yet, and it is at least as black as it should be.


April 17, 2012

Review: Revlon Colourstay Eyeshadow Palettes

These palettes are fairly new – new enough that they still have the red sticker on them telling me that they’re new! – and I picked two of them up on the 3 for 2 deal in Boots with a L’Oreal gel eyeliner. The two I bought are called Brazen and Inspired; Brazen has a pale yellow, a peachy pink, a bronze-brown and a darker brown. Inspired has a white highlighting colour, a fairly bright green, a sky blue, and a dark purplish-navy liner colour. I’ll stick the photos in, but as I’m about to trash these, I won’t bother to swatch.

Brazen; image from

Revlon Inspired

Sorry, I know those photos are uneven sizes, but you get the idea.

So anyway, I was super excited because they look so pretty in the pans! They are slightly shimmery but it’s quite subtle, so they looked to be exactly what I was after, in gorgeous springtime colours! However, as soon as I got them home to try out, I realised that they have absolutely no pigment to them whatsoever. Seriously, they hardly show up at all, even when I really layer on the shadow. I was SO disappointed, especially as I bought these during the freak flash of summertime that we experienced here in the UK and I was really enthusiastic about my spring colours!

I would seriously recommend giving these a miss. I’ve read mixed reviews, so much so that I actually suspect that some palettes are ok and some are duds quality-wise. It just doesn’t make sense that some people find the colours come up really well and others can’t see them at all!
However, pigmentation isn’t the only issue. From the texture I highly doubt that these last the advertised 16 hours, I think you’d probably be pretty lucky to get 8 hours out of them without a very good primer underneath. Also, I hear terrible things about glitter migrating all over the face.

I can’t give these any more than 1 star. (They haven’t fallen apart, spontaneously burst into flames, etc. but don’t actually do anything other than fill up my eyeshadow box.) Sadly, I’m  binning them.

April 13, 2012

Sin Binning: E.L.F. Clear Mascara/Brow Gel

Ok, so for £1.50 there’s only so much I can complain about, right? But this stuff really annoyed me. I use clear mascara very occasionally, if I’m going somewhere very professional and I don’t want to look like I’m wearing any makeup, and brow gel is the only thing I ever do to my brows aside from plucking them – this seemed like a brilliant way to get both for a very cheap price!

Firstly, there wasn’t too much wrong with the mascara aspect of this product. It wasn’t great, but then again, £1.50. But the brow gel (which is obviously just the same stuff) gave me horrible spots! I don’t know if you’ve ever had spots along your eyebrows, but it is really unpleasant! Really unexpected too, I’d never suffered from a breakout there before. I left it for a while and then tried it again – bam, exactly the same, my skin hated it. That made me think that maybe I shouldn’t be putting this stuff up next to my eyes either if it’s that bad, so I chucked it in the bin.

I’ve bought some Revlon brow gel, and a Laval clear mascara (I can’t deal with the unhygienicness of multitasking one product!) so I’m hoping I won’t suffer any aggro from those. I’ve never used Laval before – it’s an English brand which I’ve only heard of vaguely – and it’s pretty cheap, so I’m hopeful that I might have discovered a new favourite!


March 19, 2012

Alert! Sin Binning An Entire Range!

The Body Shop – Seaweed range.

The last 2 days, my skin has been going crazy. At first, I thought it was because of my Boots No.7 tinted moisturiser – and I was about to be very upset! But then I realised what it was. It was the last item I have left from the Body Shop Seaweed line; the “Pore Perfector”.

I bought a couple of things from this line a few years ago, and they all irritated, broke out, or actually burnt my skin. The pore perfector never seemed to provoke a reaction, so I kept it – but I hardly ever used it. This weekend, I used it 3 days in a row and this is the result! Lots of tiny little spots that are clearly a reaction, rather than a spontaneous breakout, and only in the places I used this product. I’m very upset as my skin has been near-perfect for months now, and this feels like a regression back to the days when I couldn’t go outside without a thick layer of Revlon ColourStay to cover my skin. Those were not fun days. My self-esteem was terrible.

All I have to say is, stay away from the Body Shop Seaweed line! I do not have sensitive skin at all, and I hardly ever react to anything. But now every single item I’ve bought from this range has caused seriously negative responses from my skin. I can only recommend that you really steer clear. However, I know that some people will not react in this way, or may even like it – of course, or it wouldn’t have got through testing. But I would tell my friends not to buy it, and so I’m telling you guys too!

I don’t like panning products as comprehensively as this, but sometimes…it just has to be done!

February 26, 2012

Review: UNE Skin-Matt Foundation (Sin Binned!)

White tube of foundation

image from

I bought this from my local Superdrug when UNE was still fairly new – absolutely ages ago now, I really should have reviewed it before! It was one of those products I really wanted to like, so I guess that’s why; I kept wanting to try it again to make sure of my opinion. Sadly though, this foundation is the worst I have ever tried. Ever. And that’s saying something!
Honestly, I’ve never tried a foundation that had such a totally disgusting finish on my skin; it looked dull, dry, the wrong tone…it seemed almost as though I could see the bits of pigment on my skin, and it was terrible. I had to wipe it off immediately, and I was really upset that I’d wasted so much money (it is a little expensive for a Superdrug job!) on something completely unusable. If the colour had been correct, I might have tried mixing it with something else, but even though it looked like the right shade, there was something off about it.
To be honest, that’s kind of it – pretty short review coming from me! But there isn’t a single good thing about this product. It isn’t even cheap. Oh wait – I remembered one thing; I got a free UNE mini kabuki brush with it. That still, after countless washings, sheds like crazy and leaves me with a faux moustache if I’m not careful!

Not good. Not at all. 1 star. * See, I can’t even be bothered to find a 1-star image for this foundation.

February 18, 2012

Review: Sin Binned Product Alert! – Nivea Tinted Moisturiser

image from

I’ve been looking for a good (but preferably cheapish!) tinted moisturiser for ages now. I have the Stila oil-free one, and I don’t mind it, but I would prefer something with a touch more coverage and with a less shiny finish! So when I saw this baby in Boots for about £8, I obviously couldn’t resist. I quite like Nivea Visage skincare as it is, so I was pretty confident I’d get on well with it.

Firstly, there was no open tester tube in the shop, so I couldn’t stick any on my hand to see what the colour was like. I hunted around, but then realised upon closer inspection of the packaging that they only actually make one colour – a truly frightening (as I discovered at home) dark brown. It does, obviously, lighten up considerably upon blending, but if you have pale skin, you can expect to be using hardly any of this and blending like a loony in the morning to make sure you don’t have brown lines on your face. I was seriously unimpressed by this fact.

Secondly, I do have something good to say about this product – I love the finish. It sinks in quickly and is beautifully matte, but not so much so that it looks fake or powdery. It really does look lovely on the skin (provided you are naturally the colour of a brick).

Thirdly, the worst thing about this moisturiser is that it broke me out. I am still slightly amazed by this, and I mean to try it out again just to be triply sure that it was in fact this product that did it. It was the only thing I’d changed, so I’m fairly positive, but it was just so unexpected it shocked me. Nivea, breaking me out? However, I’m certain enough that I’m not going to try it while I’m at uni – I’ve been waiting to do it during Reading Week, which is starting now.

I am very upset that my hunt for a repurchaseable TM has to continue! I’ve bought the Vichy Sheer Lumineuse one, and I have high hopes 😀

September 22, 2011

My Run-in (or Experience) with Scott Cornwall’s Colour B4 Hair Dye Remover

Box of Colour B4

image from

There it is. There is the beast that ruined my hair!

Well, ok, so it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I’M the one that ruined my hair really. But the way I did it was by using Colour B4!
I dyed my hair a dark red, about a week ago. The colour was beautiful – on top. But on the lengths of my hair (my hair is VERY long) there was definitely some brown peeking through. “A bit patchy” is the less tactful way of putting it. I’d used two boxes of dye, as I knew I’d have to; I really don’t know why my dye wasn’t perfect, as I was extremely careful and I combed it through all evenly. Anyway, even though I liked the colour, I decided it’d been a bad plan and wanted to get back to my natural brown. I was already feeling remorseful for having messed with it at all! I was about to feel a whole lot more remorseful.

I toddled down to Superdrug and bought two boxes of Colour B4. As I’d only just coloured my hair, and I’d had no other dye on it previously, I didn’t go for the hardcore Extra Strength stuff (and I wanted to save my hair any unnecessary trauma). The example on the box is of someone with hair colour very similar to mine, dying it a similar red to the one I did, and then going back to brown. I followed the instructions to the absolute letter, rinsing for a neck-killing 25 minutes in total. As I rinsed my hair, no colour seemed to come out of my hair, which was a bit weird, but my hair looked pretty brown and normal under the water, so I was happily assuming it’d gone back to its original colour. It felt dry as hell, but then I had just stripped out the dye of the day before, so I just conditioned it with an Aussie hair mask.

Then I got out of the shower.

My hair was orange. Most of it was still wet and looked dark, but the roots where I’d combed it through with my fingers were flaming, brighter-than-the-sun orange ginger. Naturally, I burst into tears and called my mum.

While on the phone to her (having to admit that I’d ignored her advice to use natural henna rather than synthetic dye – when will I learn that she is always right?) I re-read the leaflet with the FAQs on. It says there that lots of dyes, even dark-coloured ones, contain peroxide that will pre-lighten your hair; this orange colour is my natural hair colour now! As a first-timer with my dye, I didn’t know that. D’oh. And the example on the box was so like my situation that it never occurred to me, foolish consumerist sheep that I am! 😦

I know that a lot of people have re-dyed their hair straight away and had their previous colour come back. I’d read enough of the leaflet to know not to do that, and so I manned up and allowed my boyfriend to see, as I was going to have to wait at least a week until dyeing back to brown. (I know, the red was lovely, but I’m so traumatised I just want my natural hair back!)
If you’ve done something like this, I can assure you – the ginger does tone down. Right now, if I’m not in natural light, I very much doubt anyone would notice that my hair colour was warmer than before. (I’m writing this 6 days after The Incident.)

My student loan very handily is due to come in 10 days after my mishap – hopefully that’ll be long enough afterwards for me to have my hair re-dyed at a salon. I’m going to run to Toni & Guy and beg them to fix me!

Conclusion: if you’re reading this having had a crisis, don’t panic. You can re-dye using semi-permanent colour immediately (the less permanent the better – 6 wash stuff is best, apparently), and the ginger DOES calm down. Hey, I went to work the next day without having re-dyed at all, and someone told me I looked nice.
However, if you haven’t yet had a crisis with it, you VERY possibly will. Put the box down and step away slowly. Unless you’re absolutely sure that either you don’t mind having to immediately cover it, or that your previous dye(s) didn’t contain any peroxide, it’s a bad move.

ALSO, my hair now stinks of the stuff whenever it’s wet. It is NOT a good smell.

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