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November 26, 2013

Hello again! Mineral makeup, anyone?

After having taken such a huge break from blogging, I’m just going to post something normal that will let me pretend that I’ve been here the whole time! I now work at the Body Shop, and a big part of my job is putting makeup on anyone who stands still long enough that I can catch them. It’s really fun, and it also lets me practise my makeup skills as well as allowing me to work with different kinds of products that I would otherwise have to buy and test for myself. I’m writing about a Body Shop foundation today, but this is just because I happen to use it on clients a lot; I’ve not been asked to write this, and my only motivation is that I wanted to mention it for myself. My boss doesn’t even know I have a blog!

A big deal at the Body Shop is mineral makeup. Obviously, as a more ethical and responsible company, the Body Shop want to be sure that they aren’t giving people lots of nasty ingredients that will be bad for their skin; the ‘Extra Virgin Minerals’ mineral foundation is made of 5 mineral ingredients, so it’s nice and simple (and talc free). The main reason that I like it though, is that it actually comes in a pale enough colour for my face! This is depressingly rare, as many of my pale-skinned sisters will attest. Clearly, it’s not offensive in the way that failing to cater for ladies & gents with much darker skin is offensive, but it is a royal pain in the behind sometimes when makeup companies or retailers think that everyone in the world is some variant of ‘medium beige’. So it’s nice to be able to give light-skinned girls a really pretty makeover that’s right for them, rather than trying to fob them off with orange stuff.

The coverage is medium, but buildable if you really work the product hard. It isn’t as full coverage as bareMinerals powder, not quite, but it feels lighter on the skin, which I know for a lot of people is a worthy tradeoff. I do prefer a fuller coverage personally, and it doesn’t quite glide onto the skin in the same way as more expensive mineral powders, but it is definitely adequate for most people. The packaging is the same, and contains the same 5g of product with a plastic sifter in the top. It’s just as messy when you’re in a hurry in the morning, which never fails to annoy me, but that’s probably my own fault!

On me, it stays quite matte for quite a long time. Again, this is impressive in comparison with the bareMinerals matte (which I also currently own), as this product doesn’t keep its promise for very long. Admittedly, I work hard under strong lights, so someone who isn’t always hot might not find it melts so much, but the Body Shop powder definitely stays put longer on me. (For example, I’ll work for a bit, then touch up with Body Shop mineral powder, then not have to touch up again for a LOT longer.)

Finally, I don’t feel that it clogs my pores or does anything bad to my skin, which is great as I am a bit acne-prone these days. I like a matte finish all year round, but especially in the autumn and winter, and oddly enough this is the time of year when I often reach for my mineral makeup. I think perhaps it’s because you get up in the dark, do your makeup in funny light, and don’t want anything complicated or tricky! Or maybe that’s just me (I’m almost impossible to drag from my duvet in these winter months). 

I apologise for the lack of a proper photo, but this stock photo of the product will have to do for now. Anyway, I think the Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals powder foundation is a great option for those who need something gentle for their skin, but prefer a matte finish and the ease of a throw-it-on powder that lasts on the skin. Also, it sells for £15 on the website, which is a reasonable price for a midrange foundation that should last you a good 5 months even with a lot of use. 



January 22, 2013

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes!

So…I’ve been away for 5 months. I’m sure most people thought I’d gone forever! During those 5 months I have moved house twice, nearly got into a serious legal battle, graduated from university, lost my job, broken up with my boyfriend and – as a result of all that stress – had a major skin meltdown.

Because of all that, I hope anyone who still reads this can understand why I couldn’t be a faithful blogger during these last few months. Right now, everything is still up in the air and pretty stressful, but I’m now at a stage where I’d like to come back because talking about makeup might be therapeutic! So WordPress, please take me back. I never meant to hurt you…

I’m going to play around with the theme etc. of my blog a little over the next few days, and then hopefully get straight back to makeup chat as before! I’m going to pretend it’s a ‘relaunch’. Indulge me 🙂

March 31, 2012

So I Disappeared Without Any Explanation

…Yeah, sorry about that. I had a totally manic work period for university and I was just coming home and passing out straight away!

I’m on my Easter break now though, so although I am still very busy, it’s a bit calmer.

Proper post coming very soon! Hope anyone also at university is enjoying the beginning of the holiday; I wish I could go away somewhere exciting, but I have to stick it out in London and write my dissertation!

😀 x

March 23, 2012

I Was Bored And Found Some Green Eyeshadow

I’m good at procrastination. VERY good. I’m supposed to have a 10,000 word dissertation handed in by…oooh…tomorrowish, and I’m here playing with makeup.

Still, never mind.

March 16, 2012


I’ve just got my Pinterest invite – my first online pinboard is called “Fantasy Makeup Drawer”! I’m loving what I’ve seen of Pinterest so far, is anyone else on it?

I’m adding a button to follow me there to this blog, hopefully some of you will check it out! 🙂

March 13, 2012

I’m Going To Paint My Nails

Maybe a beauty blogger shouldn’t be quite so happy about making that resolution! But the fact is, I just can’t be bothered to paint my nails a lot of the time. I have fairly weak nails that are prone to splitting/flaking, and so I use a Sally Hansen strengthening product that looks just like clear nail varnish. However, I find that this stuff peels off quite readily underneath coloured polish, and so it’s easier to just leave it as it is.

Second problem, my nails are all different shapes, and none of those shapes is particularly attractive. Because of this, I find it easier to just make sure my hands look vaguely presentable and forget about them, rather than making a real effort, only to find that they still look horrible, which would make me sad.

However, I reckon that they do still look a bit better when painted, and so I’m going to try and summon up the energy to do them more frequently. As I am very easily irritated by chipped polish, this is a big deal – I cannot just leave them once they’re less than perfect.

Wish me luck! Or at least don’t shake your head in disbelief at my shockingly low standards.

I’m going to use this.

Square glass pot full of dark blue nail varnish

image from

March 7, 2012


So I haven’t posted in a few days – I’ve been away, sorry!

However, what I have been doing is a lot – and I mean a LOT – of eBaying. Some of the things I’ve got have been makeuppy, so I’ll mention them here. Aside from having found the best tinted moisturiser so far of my long search (Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights) I also bought the Garnier BB cream, and against all my initial suspicions, I actually like it! I also got a tiny sample size of a Stila tinted moisturiser (I’m not the biggest fan of Stila TM but it was a pound!), one of the new Yves Saint Laurent Glossy lip stains (which was decidedly not a pound!), the Boots No. 7 Double Protection Tinted Moisturiser (discontinued, I believe, in favour of the new Triple Protection variety), the Soap and Glory foundation Show Good Face and a Skin Food BB Cream – the Peach Sake one. I’ll review each of them soon, when I’ve used them enough to have a proper opinion!

That’s it for today really – just a quick post to let you know I haven’t died in a ditch or anything dramatic. I’m not having much fun with my university work right now – I’m in my final year, which means DISSERTATION time is here. I’m supposed to be writing 1000 words every day. Two words: Not. Happening. It’s a little stressful! Still, that’s what makeup and all of this stuff is for! 🙂

I’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow!

February 28, 2012

Anybody want some tinted moisturiser?

I have the Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream and the Stila Oil Free Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30, both of which are the wrong colour for me. The Nivea only comes in one colour, which seems very dark to me but is probably not that dark to someone who doesn’t glow in the dark like I do – it blends pretty well, and is decidedly warm-toned. The Stila is shade “light 03”, which is just a touch too dark for me, but is still pretty fair, and lighter than the Nivea one.

The Nivea has a really lovely finish to it on the skin, and smells gorgeous (I like the Nivea scent – that’s what it is). The Stila is a bit less matte and has no scent at all. Both are 50ml; the Nivea one has been used once, plus tiny blobs taken for colour testing. The Stila one has not even been used once – it’s just had a tiny bit taken out for colour testing too.

If anyone wants either of these,  just comment on this post. If more than one person asks, I’ll pick one at random. If no-one bagsies them, I’ll probably give them to friends; they’re not really worth selling on eBay. If no-one wants them though, they might get chucked out – so speak now! 🙂

That’s it really! Drop me a comment if you fancy some free tinted moisturiser! 😀

February 24, 2012

Spring Scent: CK IN2U her

Just a quick late-night post to say that a perfume I got for Christmas, CK IN2U her, has rapidly become one of my favourites and it’s my spring perfume of choice! It doesn’t feel very spring-like here in London yet, but wearing a lovely scent can always pick up my mood a little bit, even in the depths of February! Actually, in winter I always wear a scarf, so putting on a little bit of perfume just below my ears will make my scarf smell good too. It’s the small things that can make a difference to my day…


February 18, 2012

It’s Perfect! And Discontinued…- Stila Lipstick in Sonia

Just wanted to mention that I’ve found a totally gorgeous lipstick and I’m in love. It’s Stila, and it’s DISCONTINUED. *cue horror film music*

I bought it from TK Maxx, so I know I’ll never see it again unless I somehow manage to get hold of some on eBay. It’s a proper tube lipstick, not a glaze or anything, and it’s in the colour Sonia. This colour is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for; it’s a gorgeous berry shade, but natural-looking on. Not shiny, not glittery, just perfect.

I believe Stila still make other products in this shade, but without the beautiful finish, it just wouldn’t be the same!

However, this has been my absolute favourite lipstick for winter, and will probably continue into spring too!

image from

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