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September 4, 2011

Review: Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream

Pot of eye cream + packaging

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Well, there it is! I actually do not own the full size of this eye cream, but I can tell you that the pot there in the picture would be 15ml. I have a tiny little sample size that I got free with a magazine a while ago – there was a Clinique promotion giving away all the different element of their skincare regimen. I snapped up the last pot of eye cream from right under another girl’s nose…I didn’t even feel guilty.

However minature the one I have, it’s lasted me absolutely ages. I use it very frequently (though it is not my only eye cream) and I still have loads left. It has a really pleasing gel/cream consistency which makes it super slippery on the skin, and so you only need a tiny bit. It’s very light, too, while still feeling nourishing. Of course, being Clinique, there is absolutely no scent.

Now I have to admit, I bear a serious grudge against Clinique’s skincare. I used their 3-step programme for a while in my earlier teens, and it totally messed with my skin. It was HORRIBLE. Considering that they’re a department-store brand, I still find it hard to believe how awful their skincare was. But this eye cream is obviously not part of that 3-step programme, and so I tested it with as little prejudice as possible.
I was right to, because it’s really very nice! It’s not quite as refreshing as a couple of my other eye products, but it is more nourishing, so I suppose you can’t really have everything! As I said, a little goes a long way, and it does do a good job of helping with my (frankly horrifying) dark shadows. Stick a bit on in the morning, leave it for a few minutes, and if you’re anything like me you’ll see a difference!

It does feel like it won’t absorb too well at first, but that’s just its slightly odd consistency. Once you get used to it, you’ll know that it’ll absorb pretty soon. And if something disappears instantly with no trace, it’s probably not doing too much for you anyway! (Like certain moisturisers I could mention, *cough* Lancôme *cough*…)

There’s not too much more to be said about it, really. The 15ml pot of this does cost £23, which is fairly expensive, especially for this poor student, though I still have lots left in my sample size! However, I really do think it competes well with other high-end (and at least as expensive) eye creams, so if you’re in that market, it’s definitely one to consider. I personally really like it, though I’m not sure I’d purchase a full size – I’m only 20, after all, I’m sure I can get away with cheaper ones!

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