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April 26, 2012

Summery Eyeliner Look

The weather is absolutely horrible in the UK at the moment; it’s rainy, thundery, lightningy, windy and cold. However, I am rebelling against this yuckiness and have made use of my summer technique for eyeliner to try and make myself feel a bit better!

During the summer I like to try and do a more smudgy, smoky, carefree eye look sometimes. To achieve this kind of effect I like to line my eyes with eyeshadow rather than a pencil liner, as even the most smoky liners that I have still produce a fairly sharp edge, and smudging it can turn out uneven if I’m working quickly. I use a very small pencil brush from e.l.f. for this – I can’t stand the e.l.f. standard brushes, but the studio ones aren’t bad – and apply it as close to the lashline as I can. However, it obviously doesn’t matter if it’s a little smudgy and messy!

I usually mix colours, as I’ll want something a little less harsh than black for everyday. At the moment, my favourite shadows to work with for this look are the dark bronze, the matt brown and the black from the Sleek Storm i-Divine palette. Today, I used the palest gold colour (also from that palette) all over my lid and then used a combination of those three darker shades to line. The advantage of the pencil brush is that you can produce a line with it, but obviously, it is still a brush – you can use the same tool to smudge and smoke it out at the edges.

Today, I put a little Barry M blue eye pencil on my inner corner just for fun. On my lips is the Bourjois Effet 3D lipgloss in 07, Rosé or épic.

Here’s my look for today!

February 8, 2012

Review: Maybelline One By One Mascara

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So, once again, I have strayed from my usual Maxfactor mascara path of right into the dangerous and unknown territory of…mascara that isn’t Maxfactor. For some reason, experimenting never gets any less terrifying. (I’m exaggerating slightly – I also feel safe with Clinique mascara. But that is IT.) I bought this mainly because of the brush, which I could see because of the exciting packaging – the brush is separated from the mascara tube and shown clearly. It looked like the kind of plastic spiky thing I like, so I went for it.

I have to say, my guess that I’d like the brush turned out to be correct. I do like these length-oriented, separating brushes; I’d rather have long lashes that are separated but not that volumised than clumpy lashes that look thicker. I wear a lot of liquid eyeliner anyway, so the appearance of thickness isn’t a problem, and my lashes are naturally not bad. That’s not to say that this mascara doesn’t give volume; it does. Not quite as much as my Maxfactor False Lash Effect, but definitely not bad.

I hardly ever have problems with mascaras flaking on me, so the fact that this one doesn’t isn’t a massive achievement. But, just so you know, it doesn’t! However, another thing it doesn’t do is curl, or hold a curl. It holds it for a while, it’s not as bad as some, but if I don’t use a lash curler there is no really noticeable curling effect. I do have a bit of curl naturally in my lashes, so the fact that this makes them look fairly boring isn’t great.

Final thing – there’s one of those nifty things in the top of the tube that stops clumps staying on the brush when you take it out to apply. It’s true, this mascara isn’t clumpy at all, which is a major plus in my book.

So all in all, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Definitely not a bad mascara; it separates and lengthens fine, with no bad behaviour like clumping or flaking. However, curling or holding a curl is non-existent, and there’s not quite enough volume to be had either. It’s a pretty average product – 3 stars, I reckon. I’m kind.

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