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April 5, 2012

Review: Coryse Salomé Renaissance Multi-Vitamin Cream

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I bought this cream at a massive discount from (the picture is a link) – it’s RRP is £25, and I got it for £7.95. Coryse Salomé is a luxury French brand that specialise in anti-aging skincare, and although I’d like to think that 21 and a half is a little too early to be concerned about anti-aging stuff, I wanted to try this brand (especially at such a good price!) and so I bought something that said it was suitable for all skin types.

It has a lovely light texture, and also has a gorgeous smell. It’s not a natural smell though, so if that kind of thing bothers you then you probably won’t appreciate this product. It does feel quite rich to me, not too much so at the moment, but I would definitely say that oily skin or even the oilier side of combination skin should stay well away! I use this as a night cream only, and it does leave a bit of a shiny layer on my face when I’ve applied it. I’m not the biggest fan of this, but I can get over it – it does make my skin feel well-cared for, at least! However, when I wake up, my skin always looks amazing. My skintone seems more even; my face feels comfortable, as though I only want to apply my lightest gel moisturiser; basically, I feel like this stuff leave me with “tinted moisturiser skin” in the morning, rather than “oh dear reach for the Revlon Colourstay” skin! I suspect that the anti-aging stuff in it does have tightening properties, as my face feels so smooth and even and…different.

I love this cream! I’m seriously considering buying a backup, as seem to mainly sell things that are old stock, or discontinued – I don’t want to run out of this! 5 stars.

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December 15, 2011

Review: Boots Essentials Cucumber Moisturising Cream

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OK, so this isn’t the most glamorous product in the world. But I’m a poor student, and I know there are plenty more like me out there that, faced with some moisturiser for £1.52, are at least going to consider it. Given that my last night cream was Origins Night-a-mins at £32 a pop, I think I’m allowed to retreat back to my cheapy ways!

You get a satisfyingly large (100ml) green tub of this stuff, and the cream itself has a pleasant and very slight green tint to it. Obviously, this is synthetic and nothing to do with the cucumber content, but it does help to make it seem cucumbery, as does the light scent. The back of the pot says: “Contains extract of cucumber to help gently soften and soothe. Enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins this cream is suitable for day or night use. Contains antioxidants to help protect the skin from environmental damage.”
It may be suitable for day use, but I would only use this in extreme cases of dry skin – perhaps in the depths of January I’ll be using it as day cream too, but right now it’s definitely too rich. However, as a night cream it’s pretty good – it sinks into the skin better, and so leaves way less of a greasy film on my skin, than my more expensive Nivea Visage night cream which is apparently for combination skin! One thing I would mention though, is that others have said it can be sticky – to avoid this, use less than you think you need. That’s a good rule for most products really – it’s so much easier to add more than to deal with too much!

Obviously, I am not expecting luxurious wonders from such a cheap cream. But it genuinely does do the job; it hasn’t yet broken me out or anything, though I must say that having used the Origins cream (which basically healed my skin overnight, every night), nothing that just “does the job” will ever be quite enough for me again! it’s getting me through the months of having no money whatsoever, without having to spend any more than my small change – and as the wind gets fiercer outside, a night cream really is essential.

I’m going to start giving my reviewed products a star rating out of 5 – it’ll be clearer, I reckon, and it’ll actually help me to remember quickly exactly how much I liked something. Sometimes I flirt with the idea of repurchasing something, thinking it was ok, and then remembering that I didn’t like it afterwards…yes, I am that silly.

Boots Essential Cucumber Moisturising Cream gets 3 stars! Yay!

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