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January 26, 2012

Review: Origins GinZing Eye Cream

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I should just mention straight away that I am totally in love with Origins. However, I didn’t think that this eye cream was for me at first – I’m very glad I tried it again, though!
Origins are lovely for many reasons, but one of my top favourite things about any brand is if they give you good samples without you having to cadge them out of the counter lady. Origins showered me with lovely things when I bought my Night-a-Mins cream, one of which was a little baby tube of GinZing.

Now, this eye cream is not going to massively hydrate dry skin, or fight wrinkles except in a generic moisturiser way. But what it does do fantastically well is brighten up the eye area and really help deal with pesky dark circles, which torment me every day! It’s one of those eye creams where you put it on, look away for 2 minutes, look back in the mirror and are literally surprised every time by how well it’s worked. It sinks into the skin very quickly (good for the morning rush!) and is just generally gorgeous.

It apparently contains coffee extracts, according to the fun Ingredient Finder on the Origins website (just click the image at the top of this post, then look for the Ingredients tab at the top of the page) – apparently contributing to the cream’s antioxidant properties. As Origins ingredients are always lovely and mostly natural, yet their products really work, I’m sure there’s something to it!

Love this eye cream, and seriously considering splurging the £21 it costs – eek!

5 stars! 😀

5 stars

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