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April 18, 2012

Have Boots No. 7 Done It Again?

So I see that Boots have brought out a new anti-aging line for their No. 7 brand, “Lift and Luminate”. Intended for users of 45 years and older, they say it contains high levels of the same ‘miracle’ ingredient that caused the publicity & shopping sensation for their “Protect and Perfect” serum – I’m sure most people remember that! This seems like an attempt to whip up another storm like the previous one in my opinion as No. 7 already have countless anti-aging products in their several separate lines. If it gets any more confusing I can imagine people just buying at random.

Anyway, I’m only 21, so I can’t test this out; I can only wait and see the response among the ladies and gents that use it.  I’m just hoping that all these miracle ingredients lead to some actual miracles pretty soon – come on cosmetic/pharmaceutical researchers, you only have about 14 years until I become a willing customer! And heck, I’m already buying eye cream.

If you want to check out this new line, click the pretty picture:

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April 5, 2012

Review: Coryse Salomé Renaissance Multi-Vitamin Cream

White round pot of face cream

image from

I bought this cream at a massive discount from (the picture is a link) – it’s RRP is £25, and I got it for £7.95. Coryse Salomé is a luxury French brand that specialise in anti-aging skincare, and although I’d like to think that 21 and a half is a little too early to be concerned about anti-aging stuff, I wanted to try this brand (especially at such a good price!) and so I bought something that said it was suitable for all skin types.

It has a lovely light texture, and also has a gorgeous smell. It’s not a natural smell though, so if that kind of thing bothers you then you probably won’t appreciate this product. It does feel quite rich to me, not too much so at the moment, but I would definitely say that oily skin or even the oilier side of combination skin should stay well away! I use this as a night cream only, and it does leave a bit of a shiny layer on my face when I’ve applied it. I’m not the biggest fan of this, but I can get over it – it does make my skin feel well-cared for, at least! However, when I wake up, my skin always looks amazing. My skintone seems more even; my face feels comfortable, as though I only want to apply my lightest gel moisturiser; basically, I feel like this stuff leave me with “tinted moisturiser skin” in the morning, rather than “oh dear reach for the Revlon Colourstay” skin! I suspect that the anti-aging stuff in it does have tightening properties, as my face feels so smooth and even and…different.

I love this cream! I’m seriously considering buying a backup, as seem to mainly sell things that are old stock, or discontinued – I don’t want to run out of this! 5 stars.

* * * * * 🙂

March 11, 2012

Review: SkinFood Peach Sake BB Cream

Pink tube of BB cream

image from

In my endless search for a good tinted moisturiser, I have of course been trying out a BB cream or two. In my previous post I wrote about the new UK Garnier version – this one, however, is the genuine article. SkinFood are a South Korean brand, which is where the whole BB cream craze started, and they make a huge number of different products along these lines. I bought this one from, who provide the UK and USA with products shipped from Asia.

Firstly, I was absolutely over the moon when I first got this baby out of the box – the shade is right for my skin! In fact, it’s a lot more close to my skin tone than many products that are made for the UK, so that was a revelation. I am a very loyal customer now that I know so many Asian products cater for my skin colour – seriously, if you’re as pale as I am, look into it. The second thing that I liked was that even though it looks like a tube, it actually has a pump top attached, which is much less messy and generally very convenient. It also dispenses the right amount of product, as you don’t need much of this stuff – another plus in my book. The product smells yummy, although the scent is very synthetic, so if you’re not a fan of nice-smelling things, this could put you off. However, it’s a very light scent, and is definitely not noticeable at all once the cream is on the skin.

The coverage of this BB cream is fantastic – better than the Garnier version, and much greater than any tinted moisturiser I’ve tried. I’d definitely say it’s on the foundation coverage scale, which I’m pleased about. It feels very nice on the skin; not drying, as I feared (it mentions “pore” and “sebum” somewhere) and not oily either, managing to give a nice finish without shine or flaky patches! There’s also an SPF of 20 which is obviously a major plus. It wears for a really long time, even without being set with powder. In fact, I went out earlier and suddenly had a panic when I realised I didn’t have my face powder on me – then thought “Oh never mind, at least I have my Peach Sake BB cream on!” which proves how much confidence I place in it!

Overall, a very nice product indeed. It was a little painful paying the £16 for it, but I certainly don’t regret it now that I know what it’s like, and I would strongly consider repurchasing when I run out. Could definitely become something I rely on! 5 stars! Yay! 🙂

February 28, 2012

Inital Impressions: Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights Tinted Moisturiser

My tinted moisturiser quest is still going on, as I’ve been disappointed by all those I’ve tried so far, including the shock failure of Vichy’s Lumineuse Sheer Radiance. (More on that story later.) I am determined to find a tinted moisturiser that I like, that isn’t Laura Mercier – I’ve never tried this mythical product, but I’m a student and I simply refuse to spend that much. There has to be something else out there that I will get along with!

My dearest, most loyal friend eBay recently supplied me with this – the Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights TM – for many fewer pounds than it would have cost me at RRP. (I may have gone on a slight eBay TM spree, actually.) It arrived today, and so of course I had to try it out immediately. This is the highest-end TM I’ve used so far, and I have to say, I’m actually quite impressed. I’ve become almost jaded and cynical, expecting every product to be bright orange and hideous, but this is actually a rather normal, non-scary beige colour. Of course, it’s not quite as light as I’d like, but nothing ever is. It blends in well, and the colour looks entirely natural on my skin. A little of this baby goes a long way, which I’m pleased about too. Value for money is a big deal! Another bonus is the SPF 15 that it contains.

One of my pet gripes about TM in general is that it’s either a moisturiser or a tint, but rarely both, and hardly ever a good both. This is at least a decent moisturiser for my skin. I did apply an extremely light gel moisturiser 5 minutes beforehand, because I would usually anyway, especially as it’s winter, but the Elizabeth Arden could probably have held its own without that. It sank in moderately quickly, which is actually what I like – too fast and it’s not doing the job – and my skin now feels soft and supple, but not at all oily. In fact, it feels like I have nothing on – which is one of the key things I want a TM to do. So, it wins there!

Ladies who want good coverage are obviously not going to be interested in this product anyway, but I have to say that it has evened out my skin tone very well, much more efficiently than my Stila product. It has also given me a slight touch of natural colour, which I’m surprised and pleased by. Honestly, if it was orangey or too dark, I would be the first person to complain – it isn’t at all. It’s just…nice.

Now for the “lights” part. It is illuminating, and if that’s what you’re after, it does its job really very well. It is subtle, but effective. I am not a huge fan of shimmer in my products, and there is some in this, there’s no denying it. However, it’s not scary-Twilight-vampire-Revlon-Photoready glitter. It just makes your skin glow. I like this, though I thought I wouldn’t – another win for Lizzie Arden there. I might dab a bit of powder across my forehead to tone it down a little, but it’s not necessary, just personal preference.

I can’t say how it wears yet, of course. From the feel on my skin, I’m expecting a little shine to break through later, but that it’ll generally wear quite well and problems will be very minimal. Until my Boots No. 7 TM arrives, this one is definitely the winner! (Not that the competition is particularly stiff; I’ve had to give away the last 2 I’ve tried!)

Yay, tinted moisturiser! I genuinely feel that my skin looks nice today because of this product. I hope it lasts!

February 18, 2012

Review: Sin Binned Product Alert! – Nivea Tinted Moisturiser

image from

I’ve been looking for a good (but preferably cheapish!) tinted moisturiser for ages now. I have the Stila oil-free one, and I don’t mind it, but I would prefer something with a touch more coverage and with a less shiny finish! So when I saw this baby in Boots for about £8, I obviously couldn’t resist. I quite like Nivea Visage skincare as it is, so I was pretty confident I’d get on well with it.

Firstly, there was no open tester tube in the shop, so I couldn’t stick any on my hand to see what the colour was like. I hunted around, but then realised upon closer inspection of the packaging that they only actually make one colour – a truly frightening (as I discovered at home) dark brown. It does, obviously, lighten up considerably upon blending, but if you have pale skin, you can expect to be using hardly any of this and blending like a loony in the morning to make sure you don’t have brown lines on your face. I was seriously unimpressed by this fact.

Secondly, I do have something good to say about this product – I love the finish. It sinks in quickly and is beautifully matte, but not so much so that it looks fake or powdery. It really does look lovely on the skin (provided you are naturally the colour of a brick).

Thirdly, the worst thing about this moisturiser is that it broke me out. I am still slightly amazed by this, and I mean to try it out again just to be triply sure that it was in fact this product that did it. It was the only thing I’d changed, so I’m fairly positive, but it was just so unexpected it shocked me. Nivea, breaking me out? However, I’m certain enough that I’m not going to try it while I’m at uni – I’ve been waiting to do it during Reading Week, which is starting now.

I am very upset that my hunt for a repurchaseable TM has to continue! I’ve bought the Vichy Sheer Lumineuse one, and I have high hopes 😀

January 24, 2012

Review: Neal’s Yard Remedies Power Berry Daily Moisture

Blue pump bottle of moisturiser

image from

OK, so here it is. I actually have the tube of this product and not the pump, but as I’d be a fan of either packaging I didn’t think it’d matter too much. I think the tube is just less expensive, as it’ll hold less product. Either way, it’s hygenic. I love the trademark deep blue Neal’s Yard bottles, though they’re now plastic; I remember back in the day when they were gorgeous heavy glass that you could use as candleholders when you’d finished the stuff inside! Still, at least this way they’ll bounce (a bit!) if, like me, you’re prone to chucking things around by accident.

The stuff inside is absolutely wonderful, I have to say. I have actually used this moisturiser before, but it was so long ago, and my skin has changed so much since then, I didn’t want to write a review on it until I’d tried it again. It smells very ‘natural’, of course, coming from Neal’s Yard – so if you’re not a fan of those kinds of scents, this might annoy you a bit. However, I can’t smell it on my skin after a minute or two, so it shouldn’t be too offensive.
The texture of the cream is fairly light, though it definitely moisturises very well. It sinks into my skin pretty quickly, though I would give the recommended 5 minutes before applying makeup, and leaves my face with a slightly matte finish, though feeling incredibly soft and plump. (I love the word plump!)
This cream has absolutely never resulted in any kind of breakouts or spots, and definitely helps to protect my skin a little against the winter air, despite feeling lightweight. I would actually say that it makes my skin better, and if I was worried about potential breakouts, I’d keep using this as part of my efforts to keep them away!

The label has some writing on it, telling you about the cream, which I actually like. Here’s what it says:

Boosts radiance and protects YOUTHFUL SKIN.
Antioxidant-rich acai, bilberry and goji berry, in a lightweight lotion, help fight the effects of free radicals for brighter, dewy-looking skin.

Fairtrade provides a better deal for producers in developing countries. (I’m definitely a big fan of that last part, too!)

Speaking of Fairtrade and such good things, the ingredients in the cream are certified organic, too. If you want to see the list of ingredients, click the picture of the cream at the top of this post, and it’ll take you to the product page on the Neal’s Yard Remedies website. At the bottom, there’s a box with an ‘Ingredients’ tab.

I love this moisturiser, and if only it weren’t so expensive (£22.50 for 100ml) I would say I’d keep repurchasing again and again. Highly recommended!

5 stars! 😀

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December 15, 2011

Review: Boots Essentials Cucumber Moisturising Cream

Green tub of moisturiser

image from

OK, so this isn’t the most glamorous product in the world. But I’m a poor student, and I know there are plenty more like me out there that, faced with some moisturiser for £1.52, are at least going to consider it. Given that my last night cream was Origins Night-a-mins at £32 a pop, I think I’m allowed to retreat back to my cheapy ways!

You get a satisfyingly large (100ml) green tub of this stuff, and the cream itself has a pleasant and very slight green tint to it. Obviously, this is synthetic and nothing to do with the cucumber content, but it does help to make it seem cucumbery, as does the light scent. The back of the pot says: “Contains extract of cucumber to help gently soften and soothe. Enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins this cream is suitable for day or night use. Contains antioxidants to help protect the skin from environmental damage.”
It may be suitable for day use, but I would only use this in extreme cases of dry skin – perhaps in the depths of January I’ll be using it as day cream too, but right now it’s definitely too rich. However, as a night cream it’s pretty good – it sinks into the skin better, and so leaves way less of a greasy film on my skin, than my more expensive Nivea Visage night cream which is apparently for combination skin! One thing I would mention though, is that others have said it can be sticky – to avoid this, use less than you think you need. That’s a good rule for most products really – it’s so much easier to add more than to deal with too much!

Obviously, I am not expecting luxurious wonders from such a cheap cream. But it genuinely does do the job; it hasn’t yet broken me out or anything, though I must say that having used the Origins cream (which basically healed my skin overnight, every night), nothing that just “does the job” will ever be quite enough for me again! it’s getting me through the months of having no money whatsoever, without having to spend any more than my small change – and as the wind gets fiercer outside, a night cream really is essential.

I’m going to start giving my reviewed products a star rating out of 5 – it’ll be clearer, I reckon, and it’ll actually help me to remember quickly exactly how much I liked something. Sometimes I flirt with the idea of repurchasing something, thinking it was ok, and then remembering that I didn’t like it afterwards…yes, I am that silly.

Boots Essential Cucumber Moisturising Cream gets 3 stars! Yay!

3 yellow stars

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September 13, 2011

Review: Sanctuary Matte Perfecting Hydra Lotion

Yes, I am aware that it’s 1am for us UK-dwellers. But my boyfriend is away, and like the sentimental gooey person I am, I can’t sleep just yet. So, here’s the moisturiser I’ve been trying out for the last little while:

Blue/white pump of moisturiser

image from

This is part of the ‘Deep Cleanse Facial’ line, as you can see from the label there. I also have the foaming cleanser, which I may write about later, but I’ve used the moisturiser more at the moment so I’ll concentrate on that for now.

Although I know this is formulated for oily skin, I have to say straight away that this is VERY light. It feels good on the skin, and it’s not as magically-disappearing as a gel would be, but it still sinks into the skin without leaving a usual ‘moisturised’ feel. Of course, my combination skin might be slightly too normal for this one, and so I can’t say it’s a fault with the cream. But it might be better for younger teenage skin that isn’t really used to moisturiser yet – something like the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising gel, which always gave me the same impression. With this Sanctuary cream, I’ve actually applied two layers in the morning on occasion.

The smell is a typical Sanctuary mixture of lovely natural things – no complaints there. I quite like moisturiser to smell a little natural and medicinal sometimes; I’ve been a hardcore LUSH fan for so long, I’m well used to it! This smells like a high-end version of a LUSH product. However, being so natural, there isn’t any SPF in this whatsoever.

Although it does feel light after application, a little of this initially goes a long way, which is fortunate given that this 50ml pump (nice and hygenic!) will cost you about £13 in Boots. Again, this would be great for someone with skin relatively new to skincare and makeup. Though having said that, I honestly haven’t noticed a fantastically mattifying effect with this, in spite of the fact that my skin is probably a lot less oily than its target market! It’s nice, and doesn’t make me more oily, but I’d say that putting ‘matte’ in such big letters on the label is probably optimistic on Sanctuary’s part.
It definitely doesn’t break me out or anything, though, so that’s a plus for those prone to acne. I am prone to it, even though I’m not a super oil slick, and I’m pretty sure this is risk-free on me.

One final thing, though: the one main reason that I would actively NOT recommend this cream is that, even when I’ve left it quite a while before applying makeup, any rubbing (even just gently applying liquid foundation) will cause the residue left on your skin (which, in fairness, isn’t hugely noticeable until then) to ball up and come off. It’s not a great look, and it’s annoying if you’re in a hurry with your makeup. I guess the residue is supposed to be the ‘matte’ part. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work – I’ve rubbed it off!

Considering that I was feeling pretty flush when I bought this, and it was a toss-up between this and a La Roche-Posay cream, I’m thinking I should’ve got the other one. Sanctuary’s cleansers have done wonders for me in the past, but I’m really not feeling this fairly mediocre moisturiser.

September 4, 2011

Review: Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream

Pot of eye cream + packaging

image from

Well, there it is! I actually do not own the full size of this eye cream, but I can tell you that the pot there in the picture would be 15ml. I have a tiny little sample size that I got free with a magazine a while ago – there was a Clinique promotion giving away all the different element of their skincare regimen. I snapped up the last pot of eye cream from right under another girl’s nose…I didn’t even feel guilty.

However minature the one I have, it’s lasted me absolutely ages. I use it very frequently (though it is not my only eye cream) and I still have loads left. It has a really pleasing gel/cream consistency which makes it super slippery on the skin, and so you only need a tiny bit. It’s very light, too, while still feeling nourishing. Of course, being Clinique, there is absolutely no scent.

Now I have to admit, I bear a serious grudge against Clinique’s skincare. I used their 3-step programme for a while in my earlier teens, and it totally messed with my skin. It was HORRIBLE. Considering that they’re a department-store brand, I still find it hard to believe how awful their skincare was. But this eye cream is obviously not part of that 3-step programme, and so I tested it with as little prejudice as possible.
I was right to, because it’s really very nice! It’s not quite as refreshing as a couple of my other eye products, but it is more nourishing, so I suppose you can’t really have everything! As I said, a little goes a long way, and it does do a good job of helping with my (frankly horrifying) dark shadows. Stick a bit on in the morning, leave it for a few minutes, and if you’re anything like me you’ll see a difference!

It does feel like it won’t absorb too well at first, but that’s just its slightly odd consistency. Once you get used to it, you’ll know that it’ll absorb pretty soon. And if something disappears instantly with no trace, it’s probably not doing too much for you anyway! (Like certain moisturisers I could mention, *cough* Lancôme *cough*…)

There’s not too much more to be said about it, really. The 15ml pot of this does cost £23, which is fairly expensive, especially for this poor student, though I still have lots left in my sample size! However, I really do think it competes well with other high-end (and at least as expensive) eye creams, so if you’re in that market, it’s definitely one to consider. I personally really like it, though I’m not sure I’d purchase a full size – I’m only 20, after all, I’m sure I can get away with cheaper ones!

September 2, 2011

I’ve taken the plunge! Hello & Review: Origins Night Cream

Well hi there, world! May I say you look extremely beautiful today?

This is my very first post, so I suppose I should say a little bit about the point of this page, and who I am. I’m just an ordinary student, in London, UK, who loves skincare and makeup and all things cosmetic-y! I’ve noticed that quite a few of my friends and family ask me what I think about certain products, or ask me to recommend things to them – and my success rate is pretty much 100%, so I thought that maybe I could join the growing ranks of beauty bloggers online. I always secretly wanted a YouTube channel, but until I graduate there’s no way I can afford a fancy videocamera, so I think I’ll stick to blogging for now! I’m always totally honest, and if I think something is awful, I’ll say so. If my opinion of something stops someone wasting money and time on something they’ll hate, then I’ll be glad to have helped!
I also use, and so most of my reviews will probably go there too, as well as (potentially)

I’m sure you all know the point of a beauty blog, so without further ado I’m going to get stuck right in and give my first review! (Well, it’s not my first – I used to review things on quite a lot, but you all know what I mean!)

I thought it would be nice to start off with a really positive review, and so I’m going to tell you a bit about the Origins ‘High-Potency Night-a-Mins’ night cream. I bought this in a sudden fit of not-caring-that-I-have-no-money, as it is pretty expensive; it set me back £32. But the next day, having used it only one night, my skin was REALLY thanking me!
It actually comes in 2 formulations – one’s a gel, one’s a cream. I bought the gel, as my skin isn’t dry enough to warrant anything heavier. It soaks in very quickly, feeling beautifully light and freshening, which is quite unusual for a night moisturiser, and smells absolutely divine – I describe it as “oranges and happiness”. Of course, the ingredients are all lovely, as it’s Origins. I’ll post exactly what they say about their ingredients at the bottom.

My skin has been a bit troubled lately; nothing too severe, just annoying, but I have noticed instant results from using this cream. My skin feels smooth, renewed and calmed in the morning, without feeling like there’s any residue of product, and my spots have almost completely disappeared. I’ve only been using it for about a week, so hopefully these results will continue!
Basically, my first impressions are making me think I’ve found a true HG product here. It’s a delight to use and it really does work hard for my skin. If you can afford it (or if you can’t, like me, but still want to) I would definitely recommend it to anyone with combination/oily skin. I’m sure the heavier cream is just as fabulous for those with normal/dry skin!

This is the statement on the Origins website: Origins products are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. And formulated without parabens, phthalates propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients. We manufacture using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.

The cream itself: The jar of cream itself image from

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