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January 26, 2012

Review: Origins GinZing Eye Cream

Orange pot of eye cream

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I should just mention straight away that I am totally in love with Origins. However, I didn’t think that this eye cream was for me at first – I’m very glad I tried it again, though!
Origins are lovely for many reasons, but one of my top favourite things about any brand is if they give you good samples without you having to cadge them out of the counter lady. Origins showered me with lovely things when I bought my Night-a-Mins cream, one of which was a little baby tube of GinZing.

Now, this eye cream is not going to massively hydrate dry skin, or fight wrinkles except in a generic moisturiser way. But what it does do fantastically well is brighten up the eye area and really help deal with pesky dark circles, which torment me every day! It’s one of those eye creams where you put it on, look away for 2 minutes, look back in the mirror and are literally surprised every time by how well it’s worked. It sinks into the skin very quickly (good for the morning rush!) and is just generally gorgeous.

It apparently contains coffee extracts, according to the fun Ingredient Finder on the Origins website (just click the image at the top of this post, then look for the Ingredients tab at the top of the page) – apparently contributing to the cream’s antioxidant properties. As Origins ingredients are always lovely and mostly natural, yet their products really work, I’m sure there’s something to it!

Love this eye cream, and seriously considering splurging the £21 it costs – eek!

5 stars! 😀

5 stars

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January 24, 2012

Review: Neal’s Yard Remedies Power Berry Daily Moisture

Blue pump bottle of moisturiser

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OK, so here it is. I actually have the tube of this product and not the pump, but as I’d be a fan of either packaging I didn’t think it’d matter too much. I think the tube is just less expensive, as it’ll hold less product. Either way, it’s hygenic. I love the trademark deep blue Neal’s Yard bottles, though they’re now plastic; I remember back in the day when they were gorgeous heavy glass that you could use as candleholders when you’d finished the stuff inside! Still, at least this way they’ll bounce (a bit!) if, like me, you’re prone to chucking things around by accident.

The stuff inside is absolutely wonderful, I have to say. I have actually used this moisturiser before, but it was so long ago, and my skin has changed so much since then, I didn’t want to write a review on it until I’d tried it again. It smells very ‘natural’, of course, coming from Neal’s Yard – so if you’re not a fan of those kinds of scents, this might annoy you a bit. However, I can’t smell it on my skin after a minute or two, so it shouldn’t be too offensive.
The texture of the cream is fairly light, though it definitely moisturises very well. It sinks into my skin pretty quickly, though I would give the recommended 5 minutes before applying makeup, and leaves my face with a slightly matte finish, though feeling incredibly soft and plump. (I love the word plump!)
This cream has absolutely never resulted in any kind of breakouts or spots, and definitely helps to protect my skin a little against the winter air, despite feeling lightweight. I would actually say that it makes my skin better, and if I was worried about potential breakouts, I’d keep using this as part of my efforts to keep them away!

The label has some writing on it, telling you about the cream, which I actually like. Here’s what it says:

Boosts radiance and protects YOUTHFUL SKIN.
Antioxidant-rich acai, bilberry and goji berry, in a lightweight lotion, help fight the effects of free radicals for brighter, dewy-looking skin.

Fairtrade provides a better deal for producers in developing countries. (I’m definitely a big fan of that last part, too!)

Speaking of Fairtrade and such good things, the ingredients in the cream are certified organic, too. If you want to see the list of ingredients, click the picture of the cream at the top of this post, and it’ll take you to the product page on the Neal’s Yard Remedies website. At the bottom, there’s a box with an ‘Ingredients’ tab.

I love this moisturiser, and if only it weren’t so expensive (£22.50 for 100ml) I would say I’d keep repurchasing again and again. Highly recommended!

5 stars! 😀

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September 4, 2011

Well Look’ee Here! Zhang Ziyi

I’m not going to pretend I don’t have a slight obsession with Zhang Ziyi, the Chinese actress who is most famous (in my experience!) for her roles in Memoirs of a Geisha, House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I just…love…her face. It seems like a cosmic injustice that I don’t look like her.
I watched Memoirs of a Geisha the other day, and I was reminded how I’ve always thought she looked just as beautiful, if not more so, when she’s makeup-free and in her servant role as when she’s dressed up and doing her geisha thing!

Anyway, the woman really knows how to do the natural look. (Probably why I’m so jealous!) She never looks caked in makeup but she always looks fresh and lovely.
Whenever I think of ‘natural makeup’, this is the ideal:

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

Obviously the most enviable thing here (and the hardest to replicate!) is her perfect skin. If you’re lucky enough to have that down, you’re probably pretty much sorted anyway. But other than that, it’s a lovely simple look; a subtle line of black liner, with a tiny flick at the end; mascara or very natural, feathery lashes with little or nothing on the bottom lashes; the slightest amount of brow-defining, if any; and a pale pink, subtle lip colour that looks more like a balm.

Of course, doing the whole red carpet schlep sometimes calls for more defined makeup. I don’t get the impression that Ziyi is ever going to be a Winehouse-eyeliner woman (amazing as that can look!) – she seems to like keeping her eye makeup fairly natural. But she can do a cracking red lip, upon occasion:

Zhang Ziyi with red lipstick

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So, there we are. I just felt like posting something other than a review, and I’ve been doing the natural makeup thing for a few days, so thought I’d share my inspiration!
I don’t want to sound all corny and say that I’m celebrating beauty, but I suppose I am!


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