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March 16, 2012

Favourite Spring Look 2012

I’ve seen the first glimmers of Spring in London, so I’m feeling optimistic enough to post this up! I’ll be honest, it’s nothing too revolutionary – this is one of my favourite looks of all time, and I found a picture that encapsulates it beautifully:

Girl with coral lipstick

image originally from

Aside from just wanting to look like this girl in general, I LOVE the coral lips/soft brown eyes combination. My personal take on it is not exactly like this picture, but I just wanted to stick it in anyway because it’s pretty.

I wear a nude or just off-nude peachy coloured eyeshadow all over my lid, with a little dark or chocolate brown blended into the outer corner. This can look a little out of place at first, but it all comes together as long as it’s well blended.
I then use black liquid liner, but gel would work just as well, and line my upper lashline thinly, with a small flick following the upward shape of my lower eyelid where the corner is. The liner does thicken towards the outer corner, but not too dramatically.
I tightline my upper waterline with a black pencil, and leave the lower waterline bare.
I blend the slightest hint of the dark brown shadow at the outer corner of my lower lashline, keeping it subtle.
Lots of mascara!
I often skip blush with this look, or use Benefit’s boxed pressed powder in Georgia instead. (Not technically a blush – it’s really, really understated in terms of pigment.)
I then use my Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Coral Reef – I adore this colour, it looks terrifyingly orange in the tube but it’s actually a beautiful, wearable coral.

I’m excited about coral colours now! The most important thing with this look, in my opinion, is that it looks fresh but perfect. The liner has to be crisp and exact. I so want to wear this look tomorrow, but I’m working a barely-there-makeup job tomorrow. Boo hiss!

Yay for Spring though!

March 16, 2012


I’ve just got my Pinterest invite – my first online pinboard is called “Fantasy Makeup Drawer”! I’m loving what I’ve seen of Pinterest so far, is anyone else on it?

I’m adding a button to follow me there to this blog, hopefully some of you will check it out! 🙂

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